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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  December 23, 2012 9:00pm-9:40pm CST

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a freight train an indianain indiana >> tonight's top story... >> its a busy stretch of track through northwest indiana... (nats at 11:49) where all too often, locals try to cross on foot, even with a train bearing down... today, stuffed animals, candles and a bible mark the spot where 8 year old jaylen harris died saturday afternoon. on his way back to the library to play some games.. this morning, james harris came to the spot where his grandson was hit and killed... just a block from his home in east
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chicago. he, and others who came to mourn jaylen today say this section of track is dangerous. its been brought to the attention of the railroads... i do believe they should have something for the kids... for all the kids who play on this block. every five minutes.. trains all day, every day. jalen miller sees the problem here... with no pedestrian crossing gates, many people take a chance. jaylen and a few of his friends were coming from the library and they were trying to beat the train.. but he didnt beat the train.. he ended up getting hit by the train. he found jaylen lying next to the tracks. i checked his pulse.. he was dead. jaylen attended nearby harrison elementary school, he loved professional wrestling and playing with the other kids on his street. he was into sports and stuff.. he wasnt a bad kid. he was always at the library its just messed up. how could a train just hit him like that.
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its a question that may find an answer in the future, as his family comes to grips with this death just days before christmas. jaylen wasnt a bad kid, he was a good kid. 58 and were going to sorley miss him. in east chicago, sean lewis wgn news. >> police are asking for help from the public and finding the man who fired shots into a home where children were sleeping. it happened early this morning. police say bullet went through a wall in struck a mattress where one of two children was sleeping. no one was injured. police suspect the shooting is part of an ongoing gang feud. they have increased patrols in the area >> a fire this morning at a senior housing high-rises sent to people to the hospital. an 87 year-old suffered burns to 25
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percent of his body. the 67 year-old was in fair condition. the blaze broke out about 10:00 in the morning in an eighth floor room. fire officials are still looking into the cause >> charges were filed against the mother and aunt of two children killed in a deadly fire on saturday morning in englewood. tatiana and britany meakens are facing felony child endangerment and other charges. tatiana meakens is the mother of two year old javaris and 3 year old jariyah meakens. britany meakens is their aunt. police say the children were left unsupervised in the home and got trapped when the fire broke out. both women are scheduled to appear in court on monday. >> today more than 250 illinois clergy announced they were endorsing a gay marriage bill
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that could for a boat in springfield in the next couple of weeks >> the religious leaders mostly from chicago are coming out in support of gay marriage in illinois. in a letter they say there is no justification for the law treating people differently because of sexual orientation >> are you ready to make the shift? are you ready to be inclusive? yes. i used to say don't come out of the closet, clean those closets! i mean i thundered it from the pulpit. part of it was fear, alot of it was ignorance. bishop carlton pearson preaches a controversial gospel of inclusion to members of his church -- new dimensions chicago. he says his views on "homosexuality" started to shift... when a close friend came out. you gotta love everybody. pearson was one of more than 250 religious leaders...who signed on to this open letter. in support of house bill 51-70: the religious freedom and marriage fairness act. it's just right that everyone
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have the same tax right, same right to visit people in the hospital - their partners, their husbands their wives. this is the right thing to do.. state rep. greg harris sponsored the bill. he hopes it will come up for a vote in springfield before new lawmakers are sworn in on january ninth. i'm so glad there are hundreds of men, pastors, and rabbis who've said they want to consecrate same sex marriage. on the other hand, i know many churches that will not. we respect both points of view. opposition is interpretations vary on what's defined in the bible. david smith -- the executive director of the illinois family institute had this to say about the 250 faith leaders: 'if you put that in context to the great number of churches in really is a small number of those who are siding against god's definition of marriage.' but, pearson believes opinions are changing. as wayne dyer said, when you change the way you ...there's a change taking place.
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nine states plus the district of columbia have legalized gay marriage. same-sex couples in illinois can enter into civil unions. that law into effect last year. state rep says he is pushing for lawmakers to take up this marriage equality act immediately after they returned to springfield after the holiday >> chicagos in st. james catholic church will likely be torn down sometime in the new year. the 132nd year-old church is in such disrepair that mass has not been held there in more than two years. restoration is estimated at $12 million. the chicago archdiocese applied for a demolition permit but it was deferred because the church is on a list of historic least significant buildings. that
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deferral expired today >> gun advocates take their argument to the airwaves. next, the debate over gun control heats up as both sides dig in. also, what some republicans are saying about the president's plans for the fiscal cliff. and later, braving the crowds to get those last minute christmas purchases taken care of. it is cold at the moment but the forecast is promising snow... details coming upbreak
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of the tragic school shooting in connecticut. despite criticism the national rifle association made it clear is not backing down from its opposition to any new gun laws >> the sunday morning talk show host... >> the fact that something is missing usedused does not mean you >> >> ban it >> politicians when told to tellnra ceo is not budging
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arguing for armed guards in schools... >> he compares it to air marshals on planes... >> you can provide safety and security with armed and trained personnel without putting fear in anyone >> we have to keep working on this. there are many different solutions. >> while americans teeters on
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the brink of the so-called fiscal cliff congress and the president are away on holiday vacations. the president and first family are in hawaii to celebrate the holidays and members of congress left the capital with no agreement. the country faces massive mandatory tax increases and federal spending cuts on january 1st. meanwhile one republican congressman says president obama wants america to go over that cliff >> it is unclear when the president will return from hawaii. staffers for both sides are expected to be communicating over the next few days >> egypt's leading opposition party says it plans to appeal the results of yesterday's constitutional referendum. preliminary results show the new constitution passed with 64- percent of the vote. but opponents say it limits their rights -- and is not legitimate because the voting procedure didn't follow
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guidelines. parliamentary elections are scheduled in two months -- and the opposition hopes to present a united front by then. some 68-percent of egyptians did not vote in the referendum. >> former president george h. w. bush is showing signs of recovery but may not be home to celebrate christmas with his family. he has been hospitalized since november with a brown tide is related cough. in a statement from hospital his doctors are optimistic he will make a full recovery. however they're being cautious and want him to build up his energy before he is released >> funeral services were held today for the hawaiian senator. friends family and admirers remember him as a world war two veteran and a lifelong public servant. war than 1000 people including the president were in attendance at the national memorial cemetery of the
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pacific. he died last week from respiratory complications. he was 88 years old >> it looks like a lot of you put off holiday shopping to the very last minute. next we will be checking in on the procrastinators >> also cardinal francis george makes a special holiday periods...
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finished christmas shopping in the packages are all wrapped and nestled under the tree. but some
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people were out in the store's undoing their last minute shopping todays doing their last-minute shopping >> they were trying to find a last-minute bargain >> shoppers showed up early... looking for last minute items >> i am looking for jewelry >> some of the shoppers had already gotten a gift for the children and now it was on to
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the adults in spousesand spouses >> i am about to buy a christmas tree >> last minute is not necessarily a bad thing... they are deeply discounted. >> we are hoping they will be cheaper >> stores and business owners are hoping to see lots of shopping carts that are full >> cardinal george presided at a
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catholic mass part of a nine day novena in preparation for christmas as celebrated by a filipino catholics. the master place >> the governor is encouraging illinois people to support injured service members this holiday season >> there is nothing more important than having your loved ones by your bedside >> operation hero miles use is donated frequent-flier miles to provide free tickets to of military families so they can be close to their loved ones while the injured receive medical treatment. hero miles has issued
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over 34,000 tickets saving military families nearly $54 million >> a special welcome home for a soldier back from the front lines. family and friends gathered to surprise their hero. an army infantry specialist met with cheers as he left church services this morning. a plainfield the native he recently returned from afghanistan and has served in the u.s. army for two years >> your live illinois lottery drawing is next >> after that ramsey joins us and he says it will have a little light snow here and there but probably not enough for a white christmas... >> coming up on instant replay... the bears at stay alive thanks to their defense ... we will take a
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a lot of people would like a white christmas... >> we will get some snow christmas day... not a lot bell though. today we had a lot of gloom... we may see a passing flurried tonighty tonight... tomorrow a better chance of seeing a passing snow shower... temperatures around the area tonight, low 30's. the hyde
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today was 34 degreeigh today was 34 degrees. wind not strong. chilly tonight. the pacific northwest... snow is coming down. winter weather advisory there... nothing like that for the chicago area... visibility
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is no problem renownight now. radar satellite... cloudiness. out west rainfall. tomorrow... snow possible... tonight... cloudy low temp 24. monday... cloudy
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skies with snow showers... tomorrow night... tuesday... light snow. late tuesday into wednesday, snow will get going. another system could affect us next weekend. >> some people just cannot help but go all-out for the holidays >> coming up we will show you a house in connecticut that is getting a lot of attention...
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the logan square chamber of commerce teamed up with state representative toni berrios today -- for a holiday food drive. berrios was at the logan square farmers market from ten this morning until two this afternoon-- accepting non- perishable food donations for the greater chicago food depository and local food pantries.
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families in need benefit from during the holiday season. berrios keeps food bins in her office -- where she also accepts food drive donations year-round. a calumet city church did its part to bring the holiday spirit to those who could use a little boost. saint andrew the apostle hosted a free christmas dinner this afternoon. it was open to anyone in need. volunteers from the church helped set everything up after sunday mass and served dozens of people who stopped by for a hot meal and a little christmas cheer. >> another week on top... the hobbit: an unexpected journey snagged first place at the weekend box office. it pulled in another $36 million. here are some of the weekend's other box office winners... break
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a man in eastern connecticut designed an entire holiday light show -- for a good cause. and cars line up from all over -- just to see the elaborate display. the entire show this year is dedicated to veterans helping veterans. christopher lambert who put together -- partnered with a group called paws for purple hearts. they train service dogs for wounded veterans who might need them. the lights are computer- controlled of course -- and the music is fed on an f-m broadcast frequency. there's a collection box at the end of the display -- for donations to paws for purple hearts. >> and that is the news for this
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sunday night... instant replay is coming nextup next... break
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